Top E-Commerce Website Trends To Follow In 2022


“Online presence is a modern-day identity card, especially for businesses.” –Anonymous.
The quote has become increasingly relevant as the world’s reliance on social media keeps increasing daily. The convenience, variety, testimonials, and free quotes have enabled the online marketplace to influence conventional shopping methods largely. However, it is a highly challenging and demanding domain that requires you to keep up with the latest trends to get ahead. This article will walk you through the top e-commerce website trends to follow. You can incorporate these in your web or app to enhance reach and influence customers.

In This Article,


  • Make Your Web Layout Unconventional
  • Go Vertical!
  • Enhance Your Web’s Aesthetic
  • Incorporate Chatbots
  • Influencer Testimonials
  • Integrate Micro-animations Wherever Needed
  • Downsize Overdone Web Pages
  • Embrace Web Page Minimalism
  • Make Your Website Mobile-Responsive




It is a surprise to none that conventional website templates are relatively budget-friendly than extensively custom-built ones. Most businesses go for traditional layouts because of three main reasons: it is low-cost, it has decent colors, fonts, and designs, and often it is readily available. However, unconventional techniques catch a first-timer visitor’s eye much quicker. When websites have unique layouts, fonts, color contrast, and combinations, people are more likely to want to explore the website – even if it is for aesthetic reasons. Revamp your website and make it stand out by incorporating personalized layout ideas. Experiment with different designs, take inspiration from the internet or come up with an idea yourself – in 2022, that will leave a positive impression on the customers.




Vertical website layouts have been as rare as diamonds in the e-commerce world. You will observe that most web pages have horizontal designs. It is often for enhancing the visibility and readability of website content; however, it has also become a standard of a conventional web design. Go vertical with your layout to make your website stand out and allow significant room for innovation. All innovation for horizontal designs has been overused on websites now – there is seldom a website that utilizes its flat space innovatively. Now is your time to go vertical and set up a new and refreshing outlook for your website.





While you can always try unconventional website layouts to enhance the overall website aesthetic, there are more straightforward ways to do it too. You can merge moderately contrasting colors of the text and background; add gradients and hues wherever needed. Make sure to utilize consistency in fonts. Try not to go overboard with italics, bolds, and underlines in an attempt to make your website “different.” It may be different but will lose the purpose of being aesthetically refreshing to the eyes. The colors you choose will set your website’s mood, so select these wisely and thoughtfully.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) software of ‘chat bots’ is among the popular reasons for enhancing the user experience on a website. Chatbots are designed to initiate conversations with prospective customers and answer their frequently asked queries. You can direct the questions to a customer service agent if it gets out of the ‘FAQs’ category. It will ensure that agents only have to cater to the specific, out-of-the-ordinary questions for time management reasons. Utilize this quick, responsive, and innovative feature on your website to ensure converting prospective customers to regular customers.



There are countless platforms with their respective pool of influencers in this digital era. The term ‘influencer’ is not limited to politicians and celebrities anymore – it has become much more inclusive. Conduct market research to find out which platforms your target audience uses the most and contact influencers of that platform to offer testimonials. When your website has a section of influencers providing positive feedback, it increases the likelihood of another user trusting your website. It also helps eliminate the question of fraud and scams.




Micro-animations refer to small and typically functional animation features that allow users to ‘understand’ how to navigate the website. It offers a clear direction to the user and smooth transitions to ensure excellent UX.




Often, web pages have too much information crowding onto one page. There are company details, chatbots, careers, testimonials, and whatnot stuffed into one landing page. If you find your website having needlessly crowded pages that offer no real value to your business details, consider eliminating it. Alternatively, you can provide different tabs for each section. It makes your website look neater more organized and enhances its aesthetic appeal. Whatever you do, ensure never overdo a webpage – it adversely affects UX.




If you downsize overcrowded web pages, what will be left? Yes, that’s right, minimalism will be left. Embrace website minimalism by offering your users a simplified experience. A simple and aesthetic website is better than an overdone one. Embrace webpage minimalism and let your website have some of that ‘extra space.’ It allows the existing content to be highlighted without putting additional effort.




Many websites are not mobile-responsive, which means they do not open on a cellphone. Such websites cut down a big chunk of mobile buyers who find it more convenient to shop using their phones. In 2022, business owners have realized this drawback of the non-responsive approach. You can, too, ensure that your website is mobile-responsive to avail yourself of the large chunk of buyers it will flood in on your website.




In a nutshell, there are numerous techniques that you can use to offer an extraordinary user experience on your website. Incorporate these leading trends of 2022 to help you stay ahead of others. Go vertical with your webpage layout, merge unique colors, provide chatbots, eliminate overdone webpages, and embrace minimalism to ensure a smoother user experience. If these trends mean you might have to revamp your whole setup, just contact influencers for their testimonials. It can help you influence your target audience and convert them into regular buyers.