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At RonTech Limited, we offer dedicated chat agents to our clients and nbusiness all over the world looking for outsourced u2018lead basedu2019 chat support. We focus on optimizing online conversions, increasing ROI, engaging web visitors, resolving customer queries, handling complaints and ngenerating leads for our clients.
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Live Chat Moves YournCustomer Service 10nTimes Faster

In this fast-paced and digital world, itu2019s important to be quick with customer support. Who doesnu2019t like a reply in less than 20 seconds? At RonTech, weu2019re always striving to provide the best customer support outsourcing solutions for our clients. Quick and efficient customer support is nhighly important in a 1.5 trillion dollar industry. An outsourced Live Chat nservice, the fastest way to respond to customer queries, is the best solution

Customer SatisfactionnIs The Top Priority

It has been observed that websites with Live Chat integrated have seen na 90% customer satisfaction rate beating email support service and web nforums by a close margin. Your customers wonu2019t have to worry about the nlong-distance call charges whenever they have to reach out to you. In a nsurvey, it was observed that more than 79% of customers stated that nthey preferred Live Chat service because of the immediacy it offers. Approximately 40% of the customers believe that Live Chat is a must-have nfeature in e-commerce websites. Furthermore, our Live Chat solution noffers a feature where our agents can see what the visitor is typing so nour agents can have the necessary information ready to be delivered. nThis gives RonTech an edge in the industry and saves valuable time of nthe customers as well by providing quick and efficient customer support noutsourcing solutions.

Increase In Sales

Integrating Live Chat on your website immediately makes your website responsive to your customers. It is estimated that 51% of customers are likely to purchase your product or service with Live Chat integrated. Just having the Live Chat integrated on your website has seen more than 29% of customers showing interest in a purchase. Live Chat is an integral part of your business and can help increase sales. Once a customer is done doing business with you, the customer will find it increasingly simple to jump onto your website and ask for help where needed. With Live Chat Outsourcing, our clients have a better chance of converting inquiries into leads. Youu2019ll have organic leads at your disposal which you can follow-up with, increasing your sales as well as building customer relationships. A regular chat with inquiries and leads lasts for 6-12 minutes; this gives our agents enough time to capitalize and construct a valuable lead for you. It is believed that 14% of the time desktop chatters will purchase your service/product and 7% of the time mobile chatters will complete the purchase.

Return On Investment? We're On It!

You get what you pay for. RonTech understands that having an outsourced live chat engine is an investment for our clients and we have no plans to disappoint our clients. ROI (Return On Investment) with a typical Live Chat service is around 130% but with RonTechu2019s Live Chat service it has been estimated to be around 300%. Moreover, customers who chat before making the purchase not only get their questions sorted but have a 10% chance of completing the purchase as well as a 40% higher conversion rate.


RonTech provides its clients the freedom to jump in real-time. We give our client access to monitor every chat. Not only this, we provide a detailed transcript of the chat(s) to the designated email of our clients so that they can go through every chat and provide us with feedback where necessary.

nWhy Outsource Your Live Chat To RonTech?nn

It may seem much of a brag but weu2019re debatable the best in the business. Offering Live Chat solutions to various companies, RonTech has gained an abundant amount of experience when it comes to this in particular. Moreover, RonTech prides itself on offering quick customer support outsourcing solutions to its clients. With First Response Time (FRT) under 18 seconds and Average Response Time (ART) under 20 seconds, weu2019re bound to provide the perfect Live Chat solutions that your customers will find easily accessible.nnDespite it being an old process, a quick look at the statistics of the Live Chat Outsourcing RonTech has to offer, we can easily deduce that itu2019s the most cost-effective way to take care of your customers and increase customer relationships as well as increase ROI. Live Chat solutions is the pinnacle of customer support outsourcing. It creates a great balance between the abundant amount of involvement of phone calls and emails that keep on just piling up. Plus its attractiveness makes it a must-have feature on any website or mobile platform in 2020.

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