IT Outsourcing Myths and Myth Busters


For decades, tech companies have outsourced tasks from external providers. Be it for its higher quality or lower costs, IT outsourcing has been a trusted contingency plan in case internal resources were insufficient. However, with the advancements in the IT world skyrocketing within a short period, the myths surrounding outsourcing have skyrocketed too. This article will walk you through some of the most commonly accepted myths and myths busters regarding outsourcing.

In This Article,

  • Losing control over projects
  • Communication issues and language barriers
  • More expensive and time-consuming
  • Risk of hiring the wrong team
  • Low-quality service



You will lose control over your project.


One of the most common myths that companies fear is the loss of control over their projects if they outsource. Most firms believe that outsourcing will result in their projects being overtaken by the outsourced provider and then it may not turn out like how it was needed to be. This results in wastage of time and resources: a risk that companies are hesitant to take.

Myths Buster:


In reality, that is not true at all! Outsourced providers ensure that the company is completely included throughout the process. They provide regular updates about the assigned task and obtain consistent insight from the firm to cover any room for improvement. Therefore, it is a myth,


There are too many communication barriers when you outsource!


Companies feel reluctant to contact external providers for the reason that it will be a tough job to stay well connected. Time-zone differences and language barriers are a valid concern for the companies to account for.


Myths Buster:


However, it is 2022 now. Communication has never been easier. There are numerous ways to stay in contact; be it through instant-messaging apps, social media, or even e-mail. All platforms provide convenient communication for their users. As for language barriers, it is advisable to look into the external provider’s background and language fluency before signing a contract. Therefore, it is a myth.


Outsourcing is relatively more expensive and time-consuming.


Many companies claim that it is more time-consuming to outsource a team for a project than work with in-house developers. They believe that if they can supervise a team in front of their eyes, the work may get done quicker. However, that is not how any task works.


Myths Buster:


The external employees that a firm hires are still experts at what they do. Regardless of whether they are in-house or not, their work is still competent, reliable, and affordable. Not only will they offer you new ideas about the tasks, but will also comply with the terms and conditions decided at the time of hiring – including the stipend. Therefore, it is a myth.


You might hire the wrong person for the task.


Another common misconception is that outsourcing has a great risk of hiring the wrong person for the job. Firms hesitate to outsource because of how little they know about the people they are outsourcing from.

Myths Buster:


Although the risk of hiring an inexperienced person is understandable, it is also not outsource-specific. The likelihood of hiring an under-qualified person for a job is present in every job, not just the outsourced ones. To feel at peace, companies can ensure that a stringent selection process is applied to the candidates. Therefore, only the relevant experts will be short-listed. Therefore, it is a myth.


Outsourcing results in low-quality services.


The reason many firms do not wish to contact external providers is that they adamantly believe that outsourcing results in a low-quality service. In an attempt to preserve their resources firms hesitate to outsource.


Myths Buster:


In reality, that is as farther from the truth as it can be. When a firm contacts candidates, they are interacting with field-specific experts. The candidates will have a proven track record of their knowledge, skills, and experience that allows the firms to know who they are hiring for the job. A talented candidate with reliable prior work experience is not likely to do a lousy job at the assigned task. Therefore, it is a myth.

It goes without saying that the misconceptions regarding outsourcing have evolved as the world has. The rapid evolution of the world’s business sector has given rise to the myths surrounding the uncertainties involved; including the credibility and reliability of external sources. However, myths are still myths. Regardless of what the misconceptions say, outsourcing has been one of the major reasons why many companies are thriving at what they do.

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