Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Dream of The Metaverse Realistic?


The word Metaverse and the pandemic were the most popular terminologies for 2021-2022 – making Metaverse the most omnipresent tech buzzword of the world in the last year, which is still trending in 2022.




The Metaverse is still an ambiguous concept to many, and there are non universally agreed-upon definitions of the terminology. After Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebranding of Facebook to Meta, the concept, however, started to get more attention than it ever had.


What change was brought about by Facebook to Meta transition?


Facebook might be getting a little too old for its good. However, it still commands a huge fan-following from every walk of life – hence after the announcement, people are interested to know what exactly is a Metaverse virtual reality world – and what will be its implications in the future.
This gets us back to our question: Is Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of the Metaverse realistic?
The concept of Meta is to morph connectivity and how people interact across the world. The only hurdles of time and distance will be removed as everything becomes virtual in the Metaverse. Sounds amazing, right?


Why is Metaverse amazing?


Metaverse offers a virtual reality world that lets you create worlds, a group of friends, host parties, work in a hybrid work system where you can go about your work with anyone around the globe without having to sit with them right in front of each other physically.

Metaverse Debate


Metaverse is not a newly fangled concept, and the virtual worlds in the gaming industry have been going strong with billions of players. Some even believe that Mark is a little late on the Meta bandwagon. However, the second school of thought suggests that Facebook is a big player and can command the mainstream popularity of the Metaverse in a completely new light.

How inclusive is the Metaverse?


The marginalized population and the people with disabilities suffer from the unintended, however present consequences of the newly emerging technologies. Facebook has a past of being thrashed for being gender and racially biased algorithms.
People of color now need to become stakeholders in building this new internet technology. If not done right, there is a mounting fear of meta inheriting the problematic parts of today’s social media.
People have observed that the price of avatars varies based on the perceived race of the avatar – which gives birth to a social, racial, and sexual bias in the pre-meta environment.

The Non-Ideal World of the Internet


The internet is anything but ideal – the world of the internet was meant to offer an escape for people from cruelties and racial injustices of the daily physical world. Still, in reality, it became anything but race-less.
Mark Zuckerberg has launched Metaverse as a more immersive, embodied internet that is expected to “unlock many amazing new experiences.” This is not limited to only a newer way of the internet but will also impact the way people socialize, interact and live their daily lives.

Metaverse Inclusivity


The Metaverse is expected to take actions on four social themes;
Facebook meta will be working towards four themes that are a fusion of other social and security themes. These four areas also elaborate the dominant areas under which facebook was facing problems.

  • Endorsing Safety and Expression
  • Guarding Privacy and Security
  • Preparing for Elections
  • Reacting to Covid-19
Metaverse Trends


What will Metaverse mean for global industries? Many believe that Metaverse is under a gimmick episode. This is when the products look good or seem to work well on the TV; however, not so much in real life. On the other hand, many are now under the spell of Metaverse and are fantasizing about this new state-of-the-art revolution and its offerings.



eCommerce has become the first industry to dive into the new digital frontier to form frictionless and likable experiences for customer retention and loyalty. Meta will let prospective brands create dynamic and integrated digital stores to break silos between the online and offline stores via virtual shopping.



Educational practices in Metaverse are set to become all the rage. The educators have begun exploring new ways to jointly teach in a joint and integrated virtual world. Meta will let students drive virtually through Vatican city streets or even take a trip to Mars through love VR sessions – making a typical school day a not-so-typical after all.



Metaverse is a dream come true for gamers, a little bit of meta is already found in games like Fortnite. Gamers can use their custom avatars based on their specific unique attributes or characteristics. Additionally, they can team up against or with and socialize with other avatars in online gaming.

Our Final Thoughts


Our experts at RonTech take Metaverse as a monumental step towards a newly-fangled digital life which will offer people several opportunities to discover, explore and work towards their passion for unleashing future realities using technology.
Establishing this, however, even when Metaverse is a gateway to futuristic realities and possibilities, it also offers key stakeholders a challenge to create a technology that remains inclusive. It offers equal opportunities for everyone, notwithstanding their sexual or racial differences. If Metaverse doesn’t shape up to become what is being envisioned or promised – things can get worse than they already are. Still, it is a waiting game to see how it all unfolds.