How chat support helps your daily queries for your e-commerce business?



Ever wondered how chat support helps your daily queries for your e-commerce business? And why do you need it? Especially when you are using social media messages or email tickets to address customer needs and queries already. 

So, why exactly do you need a live chat for your e-commerce business? 

The benefits of adding live chat to your website or application are plentiful, and you will notice results that other communication platforms and portals can’t substitute for. 

Let’s look into the benefits of adding a live chat to your business: 




Lead Generation via Personalized Messages


What do you hate most about customer support? Yeah – the scripted automated replies, devoid of any personalization. However, with only a little bit of data, your live chat agents can effectively personalize your E-commerce shopping experience – with a live chat option, you stand to gain and retail a ton of more customers. 

With a tad bit of a customer’s search history and pairing it with human interaction, your customer support agent can have better and added context. Allowing them to offer bespoke suggestions, consequently improving customer experience and satisfaction. 


Live Chat VS Phone/Call Support


Live chat support is a much more better and extensive option than phone or calls support, as with live chat, you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of customer service. Live chat agents can juggle multiple queries and users at a time. Making live chat support much faster than phone support, which can only handle one agent per customer at a single time. 


On-Site Boosted Revenue


The longer the visitor or a shopper spends on your website, the more likely it becomes for them to consider your products or services. Whether a potential customer reaches you on the website or your shopping app, the live chat option keeps them engaged, so they do not abandon their shopping cart items. 

Statistically speaking, we have seen more than a 15% increase in order values from the customers involved in a live chat before checkout. The shoppers who engage in a live chat with you spend more than 60% more per purchase than customers who don’t. 

Note: If you notice a trend of abandoning a purchase after adding items to the cart, introducing a live chat to your e-commerce business can effectively curb abandonment. 


Customer Experience


Want to offer your customers a little extra something? How about making their lives a tad bit easier? According to stats, the customers prefer a live chat, helping them navigate their shopping experience. 

More than 40% of customers prefer chatting live with the brands, while only 20% prefer emails. On more conservative statics, 60% of the shoppers won’t buy from you if you do not have live chat support on your website. Most customers prefer a live chat owing to its immediacy. 


Following the Trends


Millennials are one of the most important demographics for your E-commerce business.

Shoppers today want swift and immediate solutions to their problems and queries. A live chat is doubly beneficial as not only it offers you immediate customer/seller response, but you can also personalize the shopper experience, encourage more sales and engage potential customers much earlier in the buying cycle. 


How to Maximize Live Chat Potential?

Following best live chat practices will add to your business and customer experience. None are worse than spammy chatbots or slow responses – don’t be one of those! Doing live chat right strategically improves customer experience tenfold, consequently ballooning revenue.  

If you are ready to take the jump and introduce live chat support to your e-commerce business, get in touch with us through our live chat support, and our experts will guide you along, creating the best bespoke solutions for your business.

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