Outsourcing Email Support

Don't make your customers wait with long response time.

The Power of Outsourcing Email Support


Email support and automation are powerful re-marketing tools for attaining a better customer engagement and user satisfaction. RonTech Limited works with you to create a custom strategy to help you maximize your revenue using the most powerful email marketing tools.

Unmatched Email Strategies

Email support consists of a team of people that are ready to answer the clients incoming emails for them. The emails could be for sales, technical support, customer service and even a simple job hunt inquiry.

Campaign Management

Generating tailormade campaigns for you to re-engage

Marketing Strategy

With a marketing strategy to serve its best purpose, there will always be something

Cost Effective Email Support Services

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How Rontech Helps

RonTech provides its clients with an opportunity to avail an outsourced email support platform. Containing experience in the industry that stretches over a decade, RonTech adds value and diligence to your customer journey. By offshoring this non-voice service to RonTech, you can be assured and promised that all your emails will be responded to timely and professionally. We have a team dedicated to this task and with addition of our information technology, RonTech delivers what is promised. Our email support outsourcing contains a range of other services as well such as customer service, query answering, technical support, sales and presales, order fulfillment and so on.


It’s not always easy to deliver what is promised and a lot of problems may arise when you set out to do what you hoped for. At RonTech, we make sure our team goes through a series of training regimes to make sure our team has the adequate knowledge on your business model. After our team starts working on your project, we make sure that we’re delivery the right standard of email support services and making sure that we do that, RonTech implements a series of quality assurance checks and coaching to ensure the right quality care is being practiced


  1. For every $1 you spend on email marketing/outsourcing service, RonTech offers an ROI (Return On Investment) of $23.
  2. RonTech has seen an increase of 38% in email open rate whenever a welcome email has been sent.
  3. RonTech has the ability to create personalized emails for its clients. Seeing an estimated 16% growth rate in the email open rate whenever a customized email is sent. Fun Fact: Videos added to your emails increases the click rate by 300%.
  4. FUNFACT: 43% of consumers said that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands. RonTech uses this opportunity to target the customers you’re most interacted with. This not only boosts your sales but also adds value to the experience you have with your customers inevitably enhancing your customer relationships.
  5. RonTech remains proactive with the email response times averaging the first response time at 1 minute 37 seconds.
  6. RonTech provides email support services 365 days a year.

How It Works?

Let Rontech help you in your Email Support

It has been observed that websites with Live Chat integrated have seen a 90% customer satisfaction rate beating email support service and web forums by a close margin. Your customers won’t have to worry about the long-distance call charges whenever they have to reach out to you. In a survey, it was observed that more than 79% of customers stated that they preferred Live Chat service because of the immediacy it offers. Approximately 40% of the customers believe that Live Chat is a must-have feature in E-commerce websites. Furthermore, our Live Chat solution offers a feature where our agents can see what the visitor is typing so our agents can have the necessary information ready to be delivered. This gives RonTech an edge in the industry and saves valuable time of the customers as well by providing quick and efficient customer support outsourcing solutions