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RonTech’s mission is to help organizations boost their online presence using state of the art IT solutions. With innovative employees, we collaborate with our clients to personalize solutions that best fit their domain. Rendering customer centric solutions to increase the customers engagement and with high-minded narratives at our disposal, we strive to push you to the top of the line in your industry.


Being an outsourcing engine for your company, RonTech prides itself for being the very first telemarketing service providing IT integrated solutions.

Live Chat solutions

At RonTech Limited, we offer dedicated chat agents to our clients and business all over the world looking for outsourced ‘lead based’ chat support.

Website Design & Development

We have a systematic process we follow whenever we’re creating a website which helps us in a lot of different elements of developing a website.

IT Services

Outsourcing your IT worries is a solution for this matter and RonTech provides exactly that. With RonTech’s services towards IT, you won’t have to worry about the networking problems at your end.

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